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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Aug 2009

Location: Rabat, Morocco

MapSo it's our final night in Morocco. Been in the capital a day and a half and it's definitely the most modern city in Morocco. There are tons of young people both men and women mulling about the city. The city really comes alive at night after everyone has broken fast. Spent the day in the busy Medina, shopping, shopping and more shopping. Must mention that Saf has been called Obama, more than once, imagine!?! He's a black MAN!

Spent our last day in Assilah sunning ourselves at our deluxe pool and reading books, it's a hard life. Went out and had dinner with Pedro and Aziz and said our goodbyes.

Here are some of our closing thoughts:

1) Morocco loves- mint tea, tagine, cous cous, olives and BREAD!!!
2) There are more cats in Morocco than any other country in the world
3) The people are kind and the weather is hot!
4) Everything is negotiable
5) Air conditioning is a rare commodity even in first class trains
6) Moroccan men are fine specimens and have delicious bodies and perfectly sunned skin
7 ) All Moroccans have a slight problem with oral hygine , aka many missing and blackened teeth
8) Everyone and their mothers owns and frequently wears: yellow leather slippers and KKK-like robes with pointy hoods ( for a brown girl a bit scary)
9) You never really do get used to the early call for prayer
10) Saf and I are great travel partners and are already worried about separation anxiety

See you very soon. We begin our long and painful journey home tomorrow. Trains, planes and 12- hour layovers await, boo. Can't belive the summer is over so soon, school in a week, say it ain't so. The adventure will continue soon enough, we hope.

Signing off
T and Saf