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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHi! Well I have had a productive busy day. I signed up for Spanish school and a home stay at Ecola Sevilla. I am looking forward to it. Class starts on Monday at 8am in Antigua. I am going tomorrow to spend the weekend at the beach in Monterrico. Not sure what it will be like. SO if no correspondence I will write first thing on Monday! Antigua is a tourist paradise. It is set up for tourism. Small, cobbled stoned town, not to much traffic, lots of yummy restaurants. For my travelling friends you know these places around the world. Every country has these little pockets of touristy places where everything is easy, the food is familiar and safe. OKay, that´s all for now I have a dinner date! Hugs! T