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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHello All! The weekend was FABULOUS!!! I caught the tourist bus as opposed to the chicken bus, they have made it very easy for tourists to travel around the country. They will pick you up at your guest house and drop you off at the door of the next one. It cost %8 to go two and a half hours door to door as opposed to the chicken bus which is over crowded and stops often. Too EASY! I love it. Worth every dime even if it is more than three times the cost. I look at it as the price of tea and a muffin, which i am not consuming over here.

Monterrico was great, sunshine and happiness!! I stayed at a great place called Brisas Del Mar. It had a pool and was right across the dirt path from the beach. Monterrico is a very small town. I met two lovely British girls Mollie and Susie and we had a great time, good food, lots of sun, hot hot hot, quiet but fun night life and an empty beach as long if not longer than any beach I have seen in my life. The sand is black, the only downfall was that the waves were gigantic, and it wasn't very people friendly, even though I took a dip or two. Got rolled around a little but all good. I woke up at 5am one morning to take a boat trip through the mangroves and see a perfect view of the three volcanoes. On my boat was an interesting family. Two lesbians 5 children *two black, on Guatemalan, two white. They invited me for dinner and I accepted. I had a nice time. It poured on the way home so much so that the roads were shin deep in water. My backpack on the roof was tied in a plastic bag but maybe not such a great plastic bag because everything is a little damp. The fact that our driver looked like he was falling asleep and that only one windshield wiper worked should not be alarming.
Upon return I went to my families house, and was greeeted by three children, a dog and many adults. I forgot to tell them about the dog thing, ooppps. I decided to try for a night. The dog thing wasn;t terrible but the 50/60 bed bug bites were not so great, needless to say I am changing home stays. Fingers crossed. I an itchy everywhere and Gerry that damn Benedryl stick is not working at all! It is hard to stay somewhere where you can not communicate at all. A week at Spansih school ain't going to help! But my first day was great. My teacher Henri is lovely. Much of today is what I learned in Toronto. I think I will learn some new things over the week or two. Okay, gotta go get my luggage and see my new home. Chat soon, Hugs, T