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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHello All! My life in Antigua is full of fun! I am now staying at an excellent homestay! There are a number of other people there but I also chat with the family a little. My Spanish is coming along slowly. I am going out to buy cue cards to help me with my vocabulary. I am not confidant about speaking but I will try. I went on a Macadamian Nut Plantation tour yesterday. I t was fun. Last night was ladies night drinks were 50 cents. Crazy eh! I am getting a cold so not to much drinking and was home in bed before 11pm. I am very tired here. Maybe all the studying. The food is great, the town is charming. I will go on an organzied city tour this weekend! On friday afternoon I have booked a one hour message for 12 dollars from an American woman! Yippeee! All in all life is good and I am relaxed and happy! Hope you are all well! Hugs Tamarra