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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHello All! My last day of school was great but sad! I loved my teacher. I understand a lot more but speaking is still a challenge. I definitley know more Spanish than french now. I have tons of flast cards, 200 new words that I must learn. It isn´t easy for me, I have a terrible memory. But I work on it many times a day. My life has been super busy. Between school I also have a social life to maintain. Mostly I hang out with Erich who is leaving on Tuesday. BOO HOO! But never fear Alyssa arrives Thursday night! I have signed up to volunteer all of next week at something called the God´s CHild Project. I will be feeding and helping out with severly malnourished children. This will also help my Spanish out, I hope. I am hoping to go on a hike on Monday morning, we shall see what happens. Yesterday I had a one hour massage for $12 Can. by an American 72 year old Jewish woman. It was relaxing and good. My back has been a bit sore, not like when I was young and could sleep in many different beds without pain. Today I am going to Guat City with Erich to see a museum but really to go out to a Gay club tonight. I will be with three gay guys which should be fun! Not sure if we will spend the night in Guat City or come back here by taxi at 2am. So many deicisions! LOL! I love this small cobbled stone town. I could live here forever. It is obviously a common sentiment because there are tons and tons of foreigners who have had the same thought and moved here permanently. OKay, I gotta run. More pics soon. Hugs and Kisses. T