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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jul 2010

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

MapHello All! Just a brief blog about my day and night yesterday! We took the chicken bus into town. And don´t you know that 25 minutes into my fairly comfortable ride the bus brokedown. To my surprise we only sat there 10 minutes before they gave us our money back and loaded us onto the next bus! Very civilied! We were heading to a history museum, which was closed for a special symporium, so we went to a photo exhibit instead. That´s when the heavens opened with a vengence. Glad we were indoors. After the gallery we hit the zoo which was to our surprise quite enjoyable. We spent three hours walking around conversing with animals. The night was a total blast John, Erich and John´s Guatemalan Boyfriend Fernando and two of his lesbian friends and I went out to an amazing three storey flashy gay bar. The music was great, the men were hot hot hot and we danced till closing which happens to be 1am! The drag show was hilarious I will post pics later today! I love this place, start at 9pm end at 1am in bed before 2am. I had a great night sleep and will spend the day wnadering a round Guat city before catching the chicken bus back to Antigua! Hugs, T