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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHola Todas! My spanish still sucks but it will hopefully improve on the road. It is easy to get away with very little spanish in Antigua. I have really been having a great week. Yesterday instead of playing with babies I went with another girl and local guy to a couple of farms where we picked up 45 large crates full of food. I did a ton of lifting. Good for the arm strengthening. This food gets distributed to families in need. In the afternoon I went on another adventure to a tiny town called San Cristobol Alto. We hitched a ride up the steep hill on the back of a pick up truck filled with dirt. We walked in the clouds for a while when we came upon a tiny little man, most are around here they are small people. Margaret the Canadian girl I have been hanging out with speaks quite well in spanish, enough to find out that he was going back home to milk his cows. This may sound strange but for a long time I hav had a desire to milk a cow. Who would have thought that that opportunity would become available in a tiny mountain town. It was fun! Alyssa arrived last night, slightly exhausted. Now our adventure together begins! Two meals down and still alive!!! Hugs, T