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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Jul 2010

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

MapHola All! It is amazing how busy one could be on holiday!! Did I mention that on Thursday morning prior to ALyssa arriving I took a little trip to the hair salon to colour my hair. I bought the dye at the supermarcado it cost almost the same as at home but the hairdresser only cost me $5 and it came with a 15 minute head massage.
On Friday morning we lounged around. Friday afternoon Alyssa came with me to Casa Jackson the hospital for malnourished children. We were kept very busy bouncing children around. An adorable little girl Katarin took to Alyssa and never left her side. It was a very rewarding afternoon for both of us. We were so exhausted that we fell asleep at 8:30pm and slept till the next morning.

Saturday was a real adventure. We took a trip to Pacaya (this is an active volcano). If you follow the news you already know that this volcano blew about 6 weeks ago. So climbing to the top is no longer an option. There is so much molten rock it goes for over five kilometers in every direction. We walked on this rock some of it still steaming and so hot I burnt my finger, just a tiny little blister nothing serious. We would have loved to have seen flowing lava but there currently is none. We will post pics soon, but they do not do it justice.
Saturday night we took the chicken bus back into Guat City. This was fun for Alyssa. Imagine a school bus, with three people in each seat and as many standing in the aisles. The funny thing is while on the chicken bus Alyssa did enjoy a piece of fried chicken! We spent the night danicing salsa (not that well) and having a good time with our new Guatemalan friends. Today we returned to Anitgua. The bus ride home was not nearly as packed but left as much of an impact because we witnessed someone getting run over by a car. He hit the windshield (which Shattered) and landed face down. Surprisingly the ambulance was there within minutes. I don¨t know what happened. We spent the afternoon in the market which was fun.

Tomorrow we are finally on the move. I will miss Antigua A LOT! I have met many great people and had a wonderful time. Tomorrow night we are going to the Earth Lodge (you can probably google this) and we are going to sleep in a tree house. Then it is off to Lake Atitlan for at least 3-5 days. Okay, that all from us! Hugs, T and A