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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jul 2010

Location: El Hato, Guatemala

MapHola! Well our night in the tree houses was INCREDIBLE!! Our tree house was deluxe! Two stories high with a massive window over looking an incredible valley and a view of three of the four volcanos. We went on a fantastic hike this morning. ALyssa found a lost puppy (four weeks maybe five) crying on the path and took it with us. SHe carried it the entire way until we got back to the village where we dropped it at the door of someones house! We named it Brahva Extra (Beer) just like Moses we hope we left it at a good home. We really thought about staying up there another night but we had bus tickets to move on. We met a group of Americans who have rented a house in the town we are heading to they have invited us to stay. We have decided to take them up on there offer except 10 minutes before departure we found out our bus was cancelled do to a mud slide on the road. They say it will be cleared by tomorrow morning so the shuttle will pick us up at 7am. Our room at my home stay was still empty so back home we went! It{s ok Tuesdays ladies drink for .50 cents at Mono Locos (Crazy Monkey). Laundry and other chores will keep us busy for the day. Chat soon. Hugs T and A