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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Aug 2010

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

MapOkay, so a few days on the beach has extended a bit! The first day poured with rain and so that one doesn't count. The next was sunshine and happiness and we went on the BEST snorkeling trip ever!! We had three stops. I loaded up on motion sickness pills, thanks mom! Alyssa was super nervous being allergic to fish and all. She relaxed shortly after entering, the equipment was excellent the water was warm and calm and the clarity was excellent. The first stop was the manatee. This is an animal that looks like a walrus sort of. It is quite large and we were very close. It was super cool. I didn't even know they hung out down here I have seen them in Florida. Then we swam off to see the fish and the coral. The second stop was the shark stop. They feed them and about 10 sharks came out of no where. I was the only one who got in the water in time to see them. When the food was gone so were the nurse sharks. On that same snorkel adventure we saw a moray eel and two sting rays. The third stop was turtle cove. We saw four turtles, tons of fish and lots of beautiful colorful coral! On the way back they put up the sail and we sailed back. It was a FABULOUS day! The next day I went diving in the famous BLUE HOLE! In all honesty I thought it sucked. It cost a fortune the most expensive day of diving I have ever done. It was a big let down. The second and third dive of the day were better. The last one had the best coral garden I have ever seen. Today we went to hang out in San Pedro, another island close by. It was a nice day. Tomorrow we are on the move again. Heading back to Guatemala. I have enjoyed LOBSTER for dinner every night for the past five nights. ALyssa has had long talks with each chef to ensure that her meals are fish and coconut free! Easier said then done but we have been successful! OKay, that's all for now. Belize it or not we are leaving here tomorrow! Hugs, T & A