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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Aug 2010

Location: Livingston, Guatemala

MapSo, here it goes... a day in the life! I wake at 5:30 am with serious ear pain. I guess diving with bad sinuses and a bit of a cold is ill advised. Not sure what is wrong! I stopped in at the doctors office, but no doctor in this weekend, nurse gave me an antiboitic and ear drops. We will see in three days!? What´s a little pain! Back tracking a little ALyssa and I went to breakfast about 3 minutes after we BOTH needed the toilet immediately. Thankfully we live across the road (sand path). I ran home Alyssa paid the bill, both toilets occupied at the restaurant so ALyssa ran home. This become a bit of a problem. We figured it out, sort of! ¨Get up Get up now, HURRY, GET UP NOW!!!¨ >After about 15 mins of that we both felt great and were ready to face our long day of travel. Caught the ferry to Belize City, then caught the first bus 3 hrs to Dangria. (Kid beside us puked all over the place!) NOT COOL! The second bus 3 1/2 hours brought us to Punta Gorda. This ride was rough for Alyssa but surprisingly good for me! We then went on a search for a guesthouse in the 100% humidity with backpacks, and boots in tow! Guesthouse# 1- FULL Guesthouse # 2: Expensive for too little Guesthouse # 3: We were greeted at the door with a crab as large as two hand spans! Alyssa shit herself, she was so startled!!! The room was nothing special, back to room number two! OUt for dinner, good for me, nothing for ALyssa they had made a big lobster fest earlier adn they were afraid to feed her. So they went to their home and boiled her two eggs! Very kind! Home to bed... then the real excitment started. Huge spider on our door, outside. Nothing throwing a water bottle at it couldn´t fix. Then as always with the night brings the bugs! Specifically COCKROACHES!!! BIG BIG ROACHES!! Alyssa smashed the first one in the shower. An hour later after watching the movie Sex in The City I had too pee. That´s when she had to smash cockroach number 2 and 3!! I said no worries, just in the bathroom. Got into bed. Then Alyssa said ¨GET UP, slowly don´t turn around! COCKROACH number 4 was in my bed! That´s when we packed up at 1 am and got a refund (thankfully) and left!!! Now this wouldn´t be a big deal in Happening Toronto but PUNTA GORDA goes to bed! Luckily we met a nice couple who drove us to another better more expensive, airconditioned guesthouse, where there were smaller and fewer cockroaches! Surprisingly we had a good nights sleep!

We caught the boat to Livingston, which seem to be a cool little town! We are looking forward to our 5 km hike to the waterfalls, where I will wade without dunking my head, and the next day and action packed boat trip down the Rio Dolce! Feeling HOT HOT HOT HERE! OKay, that´s all from us! Never dull while travelling! Back to practicing my SPANISH! Hugs, T & A