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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Aug 2010

Location: Lake Atitlan /San Pedro, Guatemala

MapHello All! We are having a fabulous time! We have also spent A LOT of time in transit. We caught a shuttle from Rio Dulce to Lanquin near Semuc Champey. We were the only two people in the car for half the trip which was great. The road on the other hand was less than amazing!! It was insane, unpaved, bumpy and curvy. However the view was spectacular! We arrived in the dark with limited guesthouse choices. We ended up at the very popular El Retiro....but most popular for its young not so particular budget traveller. Our battle with the cockroach lives on! It turned out not to be so bad, we stayed 2 nights.
The day started at 9am with a 30 minute ride luckily not in the back of a pickup truck like the other 16 people from our group. First stop was swinging into the river...that was fun, I did it 2 times. Then we spent and hour and a half climbing/swimming and a cave. You would never be allowed to do this in North America, too much legal liability! Climbing up a step ladder with a full gushing waterfall in the pitch dark while holding a candle, amazing nobody was injured. It was FABULOUS. This was followed by a short tubing trip down the river then off to the highlight of the day....the pools, the viewpoint. There were 6 natural gorgeous tiered pools filled with green/turquoise water. This is the 8th natural wonder of the world. They had to drag us away kicking and screaming. I negotiated for our group to spend an extra hour there.
At dusk we went to the bat cave. Inside was fantastic cave sculptures but that was all overshadowed by the million (no exageration) or more BATS flying ever so close. Alyssa was freaked out, I loved it. We returned home and showered off the grime from our bodies. Had a delicous dinner and socialized with the youth!


We caught a shuttle at 6am and have finally arrived in Lake Atitlan at 6pm. We are staying in San Pedro at a nice guesthouse overlooking the lake. The adventure continues...T & A.