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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Aug 2010

Location: San Pedro/Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

MapHello All! We have now been at the lake for 4 days. We are relaxed and enjoying the good room, good food, and nice people. I have also had 2 yes you read correctly 2 massages. The first one was not great but the second one was exceptional. We are staying in a deluxe room that over looks the lake. We are also addicted to fruit smoothies made with milk! We love them!!
The first day we went kayaking. I had the sense to sunscreen my face and and chest before kayaking but the rest of me and all of Alyssa got a bit toasted!! It has turned into a nice brown shade now! Yesterday we went to Panajchal another city on the lake. We went for a walk in a nature reserve which was quite nice and gave us an excellent view of the lake. Sadly, at 2 pm everyday it rains!! It is much cooler here, which is fine by me, ALyssa would like to return to the heat! Other than that we are chilling until tomorrow when we are on our way again! Tomorrow we are heading to the biggest market in the country. Then we are thinking about what we will do next! The adventure continues... Hugs T & A