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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Aug 2010

Location: Copan, Honduras

MapHello all! On thursday we went to Chichicastanango which is famous for its large market. It was a day of wheeling and dealing and some hard negotiation. Our backpacks are now heavier!! We then caught a shuttle back to Antigua where we caught up with our friend John for dinner and one more ladies night. The next morning a shuttle arrived at 3:50 am, yes you read correctly to pick us up and take us on a 6 hour journey across the border into Honduras. We arrived exhuasted! Today we spent the morning on a guided tour of the Copan Ruins. In its hayday (750 ad) around the time of the 13th king( eighteen bravitz) it was a civilization of 25,000 people. The ruins were interesting, different than Tikal another Mayan civilization. This one is famous for its sculptures and carvings. Sadly like most places this summer it is now raining in the afternoon. I guess thats what happens when you travel during rainy season! We will likely spend one more day here before heading back to Guatemala. The adventure continues...T & A.