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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jul 2011

Location: Bogota, Colombia

MapHello All! I had a very eventful day here in Bogota. The weather was perfect, so perfect I got sunburnt! Tomorrow I will remeber sunscreen. It is the first sunny day they have had in over a week. I think I brought it from Toronto! We went up the big mountain Monseratte. The view was amazing. 8 million people live in Bogota talk about urban sprawl! The afternoon was spent at two museums (Botero; where he paints pictures of all things fat, woman, fruit, violins) I quite enjoyed his work. Then we went to the gold (oro Museo) museum, it wasn´t that exciting. We walked all around the centre of the neighbourhood I am staying in. It is a historic neighbourhood with lots of interesting buildings. We had a good Italian dinner, I know my first supper in Colombia and I eat Italian but it wasn´t my choice but it was good! Okay, lots of youth here went out partying but I am packing it in early, if you call 12am early! Good Night!