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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Jul 2011

Location: San Agustin, Colombia

MapHi ALL! Well I have had the busiest 24 hours ever. I met this girl from Slovenia (Masha) and I convinced her that she wanted to go on a long hike. So yesterday morning I woke up packed and then we took a collectivo to the small town of Santa Sofia (about 28 minutes away). Then we started walking, 3 km down the road, then turn right, walk another 3 km on a sort of road sort of bumpy path. Then take the second left you should then be on Paseo de Angel. And there we were walking along a well worn path where both side are a 100 ft drop! The view was spectacular! Mountains all around and a river with waterfalls below. We walked to the end of this narrow passage then climbed done to take a naked dip in the refreshing water! The walk back was gruelling to say the least! A lot of uphill, which reminds me that I am out of shape! Then we hitched a ride back to VIlla de Leyva just in time to scarf down a fantastic meal! Then caught a bus back to Bogota beside an adorable old man who decided to rub my arm for awhile, then I had to tell him to stop! Ridiculous! Then I waited one hour and caught an overnight bus from Bogota to San Agustin (11 hours)! I think I slept some but not really sure! I got a basic guesthouse, then took a quick shower then I was off on a four hour walking tour of this amazing burial ground, with these ancient head carvings! I am pretty tired now and I am sure I will be going to bed early! Tomorrow I am going on a jeep tour! Chat soon, HUgs, T