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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jul 2011

Location: Popayan, Colombia

MapHello All! It has been an action packed 4 days! I have probably hiked 40 km in the last week. The jeep tour was fabulous. The best part were the two Colombian girls who spoke perfect english. We really hit it off and laughed all day! The ruins were interesting, the raging Rio Magdalen was cool and the two massive waterfalls were incredible. That afternoon I got an hour and a half masseage for $10! The next day was spent on the road, and what a road it was, if you can call it a road! 4 vehicles and 7 hours later I arrived in Tierradentro a one street village! My driver dropped me at an amazing guesthouse. There were two other tourists Jimmy and Ashleigh from Australia. I spent the next two days with them. The next morning we went on a 14 km hike, all uphill, guess we did that the wrong direction, good for the weight loss program! We saw 20 burial sites where we had to go into these underground caves. Nothing was in them but some were painted or had carvings! It was pretty cool and the surrounding are sooooo breathtakingly beautiful I have no words to describe the green folded mountains and the rivers! Mucho Lindo! This morning we got a bus at 6am and what should have taken 4-5 hours took 6 1/2! Thank god for the ipod! The road was pretty dodgey but our driver was excellent. I have arrived in the white washed city of Popayan! On friday I will meet up with Alyssa! Yippeee! Chat soon! Hugs, T