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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Jul 2011

Location: Pereira, Colombia

MapHello All! So it goes like this! My 5 hour bus trip to Armenia turned into an 8 hour bus trip. Why you ask? Well, sometimes there is road construction and only one direction of traffic can go at a time. So we wait and wait and wait (twice). However, obviously the fruit vendors, food sellers, and juice makers are aware of this situation and my driver was happy to let us roam freely on the side of the road consuming to our hearts content! I arrived only one hour before Alyssa and she heard my voice from the road! Our room at the plantation house was satisfactory. We met many great people and spent the next day in Cocora National Park. The 10 km hike normally takes 5 hours but took us 7! Only partially our fault because Dino and Marianna our new friends doddle as much if not more than us! We crossed the river at least 5 times on ¨bridges¨ if you call three logs tied together a bridge! We hiked up hills and down hills. It rained 3/4 of the day (boo hoo) but when the sun came out and the fog cleared the view was breath taking! There were tall beautiful wax palm trees (60 m tall)all along the trail, this is Colombia's natioanl tree. We stopped for a quick bite and an amazing bird moment as there were about 30 hummingbirds about 5 cm from our faces! I was glad we chose to borrow rubber boots from our guesthouse, because it was a sloppy muddy mess! Alyssa's boots were a little small and her poor piglets are still suffering!
We returned just in time to catch a bus to Pereira and get a guesthouse. They have an amazing fountain in their central square. Today we got a taxi, bus, jeep to Santa Rosa de Cabel hot springs. There were 4 steaming hot pools and set in the background was three waterfalls of 170 m high. We lazed around until our pruney bodies could take no more! Tomrrow is another bus day, 7 hours (if we're lucky!). On our way to Guatape. Hugs, T & A