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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Aug 2011

Location: Medellin, Colombia

MapHello All! Travelling life has been super busy! We spent an entire day on a bus or two or three actually! Alyssa only turned a little green but kept it together! We finally arrived in the charming little( emphasis on little, 2000 people) town of Guatape! We got a great room in the Lake View hostel (over looking the lake). The buildings are all painted with bright colours and funny designs. The bakery has a baker, the pool hall has men playing pool etc etc. The centre has an adoraable gingerbread house looking church and a great fountain!

The next day we took a 3 hour boat trip the view was amazing. The lake is dotted with lush green islands. We stopped at a couple, one had adorable huts you could stay in and a litter of 2 month old black and golden labs, and a big snake for me! We took a dip in the refreshing clean water!

Today we went on a 13km hike. The view was spectacular. Our hike ended at this strangely shaped mountain El Panon, where we climbed 700 hundred stairs to the top. We struggled but not nearly as much as the three guys carrying a refrigerator!!! The view is well beyond my ability to describe. The area is made up of many lakes and islands and the whole thing is surrounded by lush green mountains! We then caught a bus back to our town. We caught a bus to the big city on Medellin that seem to sprawl all the way up the mountain. Tomorrow we hope to go to a World Cup (20 and under) soccer game! Chat soon, Hugs, T & A