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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

MapHello All! We have been sooooo busy there has been no time to write. Cartaeana was too hot for my liking, Alyssa is ear to ear smiles. It is not the heat but the humidity that is a killer. The first day we spent at a resort pool, Tamarra special! We had drinks on the beach and just took it easy! The next day we caught a boat to Playa Blanca (white beach). The beach was long and white and the water blue and welcoming. It was a smoking hot day. I got a great massage on the beach and we spent time in and out of the water lazing around all day! The next day we went to this fantastic mud volcano! Really it is hard to describe. We climbed up about fifty stairs and then submerged ourselves, like chocolate covered strawberries freshly dipped into a fondue! It was the strangest most fantastic feeling. We each got a massage in the mud pool. They slid us around then they told us to stand upright but of course there is no ground the mud is supposedly 2000m deep. However staying in the vertical position was no problem the mud was so thick and smooth. The rinse off team took off our bathing suits and scrubbed us down. The water was so murky and muddy no one could see our bits! We then went to hang out at the beach. We returned home and showered then went to explore the amazing old city. The old city is walled in. The streets are a maze literally we could never figure out where we were or what we had seen. It was wonderful getting lost in there, stopping in shops, ice cream parlours, coffee shop etc. etc. It was so hot and the stores have air con we needed the breaks! There are incredible churches and statues and hotels, We watched the sunset into the ocean sitting on the wall that surrounds the city. We met friends for dinner and then went on a horse and carriage ride around the old city. We then watched Colombia win yet another world cup game! My fingers are crossed they go to the finals! We are now in a small fishing village called Taganga. It is quaint and adorable! Our guesthouse has a pool, and much needed air con! Chat soon. The adventure continues..... T ^& A