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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Aug 2011

Location: Tanagana, Colombia

MapHello All! I know it has been a long time since we last wrote. We sort of hit a bit of a wall. Alyssa got sick (fever, ears, throat) probably because of the air con in our rooms, so hot outside so necessarily freezing inside. She hasn't been feeling great since Thursday night so we have stopped for a bit. Taganga is a small beach town so if you are going to stop this really isn't a bad place. I have been at the pool or the beach everyday. I went diving (not the best dive I have ever done but still saw lots of fish and eels).Good to get in there at least once a year. Yesterday Alyssa rested and I took a boat to Tayrona National Park. I hiked through the forest and played on the beach. I really wanted to stay the night, that is what most people do but I didn't want to leave Alyssa. I came home to watch an incredible sunset. I think ALyssa is feeling welll enough to move on today. Maybe one last day at the beach because we are moving inland and away from this oppressive humidity! Mixed feeling about that. Bye bye beach! Hello cooler weather! Yippeeee!
There is a restaurant here with a gourmet Dutch chef. He works Wed-Sun and we ate there three of the five days he works. Excellent meals, and ALyssa can eat with an easy conscience knowing that none of the ingredients will kill her! I did have a huge party night out with two crazy Irish girls! Lots of fun! Okay, that's about all for now! Chat soon. Hugs T ^& A