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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Aug 2011

Location: Barichara, Colombia

MapHello All! Not sure what I wrote last, we have really been slacking on the blog front! We finally got our act together after three glorious beach days each hotter than the next. We packed, ate some dinner and caught a taxi to the bus terminal where we were informed the driver had had a heart attack and their would be no bus. So, as always we had to choose, 8;30 am bus and travel 11 hours by day or return to Taganga (20 minutes away) and spend yet another day on the beach and take an overnight bus! We chose beach and tried again the next day! SUCCESS! We arrived in Bucaramunga (I stopped here mostly because I wanted to say I had been to a place called Bucarmunga). I spent most of the day getting pampered, hair coloured, straightened, manicure, pedicure all for under $30! Love it! I even got a flower painted on! That night we went out on the town, not a bad bar! The next day we started heading to Barichara a two hour winding road trip`up and then down the mountain. We stopped at a National Park along the way and took a fabulous cable car ride. Gorgeous! Barichara is an adorable colonial town. It is small an quiet. Today we went on a two hour hike (all down hill) to another tiny little town Guane! The scenery is stunning, mountains, flowers, cactus´s! Tomorrow we are heading to the adventure capital of Columbia where we will hit the rapids! Can´t wait! That´s all for now. Hugs T & A