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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Sep 2012

Location: Jujuy, Argentina

MapHello All! The moment you have been waiting for! The blog has begun! In reality I have been posting pics and writing by lines on facebook. But those of you not connected to that part of the cyber world I will try to blog and post here as well. My trip planning took a big turn about 15 days before I was planning to leave. I thought I was starting in Indonesia. Instead my friend Allison and I decided to see Patagonia. This has been the top of my wish list for quite some time.

On the 19th I left for Buenos Aires. I had a 7 hour lay over in Panama where I hired a driver and went on a city tour. It was a hot, humid day. I enjoyed what I saw. See pictures!

Buenos Aires has been a surprise and delight. I find the city charming, safe and super clean. The locals would say I am wearing rose coloured glasses, but I have been around and I am impressed. My hostal is in the centre of the city and an easy walk to many interesting and historic buildings. I went on a four hour history walking tour where I learned about the many dictatorships of Argentina. I learned a lot about the Peron's: Power to the people yeah UNIONS!! The city is broken up into many Barrios of neighbourhoods. I didn't explore too much because I am waiting for my friend to arrive on October 5th so we can explore together. Today I flew to the north to a town called Jujuy (Hoo Hooey). At the airport I met a wonderful man, Diego who was being picked up by his wife and three children and they drove me to town and took me on a tour before helping me shop around for a good guesthouse! Okay, that's a short summary. I will post some pictures! I hope you are all well. I love hearing from you! Hugs, T