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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Sep 2012

Location: Tilcara, Argentina

MapHello All! I have had an excellent few days of travel. The north of Argentina is like a hot, dry dessert. The days are scorching, there are cacti growing everywhere, and yet I am surrounded by multi coloured mountains in all directions! The nights are quite chilly. Yesterday I spent the day hiking the montain of 7 colours with a lovely French couple. We hiked around the mountain, then we went up the mountain across the road to get a better view. Love the exercise! Then we caught a bus another 30km down the road to the small Peblito (town) called Tilcara. I met wonderful people who I enjoyed an excellent dinner with and local music. Today, I started the day off alone hiking 2 kms out of town to Pucara a n old fortifications on top of a mountain. After that I decided to go see Garganta del Diablo (an amazing canyon with a large waterfall. The 8km entirely uphill in the mid day scorching sun wasn't that enticing. So I waited for a car to pass. An amazing young Aregentinian couple (Christina and Danito) picked me up and we spent the next two hours driving up the mountain and hiking through the canyon. It was an wonderful experience. I also learned the Argentina has a two tiered medical system. Like most two tiered systems the public one isn't great! We had lunch together and then said goodbye. I am now relaxing for the first time since I started my trip. I am even considering an afternoon seista! Hugs, T