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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Oct 2012

Location: Cafayate/Taffi de Valle, Argentina

MapHello All! It has been an exciting few days! I love travelling, I am happy and usually at ease! Even when I am unhappy it is temporary!

My time in Cafayatew was amazing. I woke up early and walked to two wineries about three kms away. The sun was shining, blue sky ahead, and hot hot hot! Cafayate is the fifth largest wine producing town in Argentina. Argentina is the only producer of a white wine using a grape called Torrentes. With the tour came four free samples, times two wineries, needless to say I walked home drunk! Actually I hitched a ride, it was too hot to walk! The first winery Nanni makes organic wine, delicious, I bought a bottle! This the largest producer in the region Ekhart. They sell wine in Canada. Also delicious but didn't want to carry another bottle. With wine you need cheese! So I walked 1 1/2 kms to the goat cheese producer. Tasted five delicious cheeses and bought one! Yum Yum! All that before 1pm.

The afternoon was spent on a tour of the Quebrada and Rio
Colorado. The rock formations were beyond breathtaking. I will try to post some pics today. The afternoons are stifflingly hot but the wind is something fierce, I thought I might blow off the mountain top, really no joke! This seems to be the trend in the north. The day was completed with a delicious dinner, way off the tourist trail in a dodgy looking restaurant with a delicious steak! Gotta love that meat!!!

The next day was an early start 5am, UGH! Just to arrive in the small mountain town of Taffi de Valle in the overcast, cloudy, rainy, cold weather. So much for sunshine and happiness! The day remained this way and not a single mountain could be seen. Boo HOO! I took the time to write my journal, read my book, take a nap! What a luxury!! The next morning I woke with hope in my heart, ran downstairs to find the same bad weather. At breakfast I met a wonderful family from Buenos Aires who spoke 20 words collectively in English.They were going on a day road trip. To make a long story short, I went with them on this 6 hour adventure and I was rewarded with a 100% change in weather mid day! There are mountains out there. The family treated me to lunch and we all had a wonderful day! Tomorrow I catch a plane back to Buenos Aires where I will be meeting my friend Allison and heading south! Hugs, T