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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Oct 2012

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina

MapHello All! Welcome to the end of the world! Ally and I have had a wonderful few days. We explored as much of Buenos Aires as our feet could handle. Some highlights were: Recoleta Cemetery where Evita and all the Argentine elite are burried. La Boca is a rough neighbourhood with one square block of adorable, colourful building with life like statues waving from above. We splurged on a fantastic steak dinner in a fancy restaurant that had a gringo special between 7-8pm. They eat very late here, 10pm!!

We then caught a plane (which is a crazy story on its own). Public holiday no where to book flight (internet failed us). Showed up at the airport, got a ticket, paid through the nose.... Puerto Madryn is a coastal town. It is smallish. We rented a car and drove 500km in one day. We went to an incredible Penguin Colony (400,000) so close you could touch them, okay I did I couldn´t resist I had to know. SOooooo soft! Bad Tamarra! We then went to see sea lions, and a elephant seal colony, and to end our day we drove to a beach where the whales (11 or more) were just hanging out 25-50meters from shore! Incredible! What a day! The next day we flew to Ushuaia, known as the Fin del Mundo (end of the world). It is as close to Antarctica as one can come. The town lies between Chile and Argentina. We took a three hour boat cruise down the Beagel Canal. It was breathtaking with snow covered mountains on each side! Today we went on a five hour hike (14km) to Tierra del Feugo National Park. We are both tired and happy. Tomorrow we will be on a bus for 14 hours!!! It sucks that there is no overnight bus!! Oh well! All part of the journey! Hugs, T