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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Nov 2006

Location: Toronto, Canada

MapHey peeps, I'm safe and sound inToronto right now and coming from sunny downunder, it is FREEZING with a capital F.
I was told I'm lucky. The past 2 days I'm here, is actually quite hot. Normally it's -2 or -4 degree.
Lovely country though.
Going to the ''downtown'' area tomorrow where apparently everything's happenin.
Itinerary so far:
13 Nov: Niagara falls
16'th-19th Nov: Montreal and Quebec city.
the rest of the trip is still TBC

Have been worrying about my visas for Vietnam, Thailand and China. Not sure where and when I can get it. I've decided to test my luck and see if I can do all three while I'm in NY. Wish me luck!!!