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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 23 Nov 2006

Location: NY, USA

MapMacy's 80'thThanksgiving day parade.
The city was fully packed today as people pile up to the main street to watch the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. Rain, Hail or shine won't keep anyone away. It did happen to rain today so it was freezing and soaking but the show must go on. The parade starts at 9 but we secured a spot by 8.30 ish (Was an awesome spot, we could see everything). There were floats, huge baloons and marching bands. The balloons and floats were a combination of Humpty dumpty, Snoopy, Barbie, Pikachu and heaps of other characters (If you look at my photos you'll see how huge they were). Oh we did get to see some famous stars like Julie Andrews, Gloria Estefan, Hillary Duff, etc. The crowd was amazing and was a once in a lifetime experience. We went home soaking wet but happy that we didn't miss the parade. It's different watching it live and from TV.
We weren't prepared for lunch and dinner (most shops closed today and tomorrow) so we had to eat instant noodle and microwaved chicken nuggets and pasta with tomato sauce (yucckkks). There goes the delicious Turkey and cranberries dream feast...maybe next time...