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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Nov 2006

Location: NY - Manhattan, USA

MapWoohooo finally get to see the statue of Liberty. Wasn't as big as I thought. Everything seems so much bigger on TV. We took the ferry down to Liberty island and stopping off in Ellis island on the way back. The view was awesome. It's great that we get to see NYC city by land, from the top of a building and from the water. On the way back the sun was already setting so we took awesome photos of The Liberty at sunset.
OH went to Macy's and Victoria's secret in the morning and it was fully packed. These past several days all people seems to do was shop. Thanksgiving mode I guess and preparing for Christmas. We also went to SOHO and explore it in full. Lots of cool (expensive) shop, great for window shopping not so much for the wallet. One thing for sure it's starting to kill me that I can't shop due to baggage AND budget limitation.
Going to try and start getting my visas in the morning and maybe starts exploring the Guggenheim and/or The Met tomorrow.