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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 Dec 2006

Location: NY - Madison Square Garden, USA

MapThe Knicks game
My first basketball game in Madison Square Garden. The stadium was probably half full. It was Knicks Vs. Memphis Grizzlies. Didn't really know the rules and players but it's just awesome to be amongst the crowds. Knicks won 98-90. This was a given with the way Memphis played from the start. During Time outs and between quarters they have bands, cheerleaders and quizzes for entertainment. My dad would've love the game and the atmosphere.
Oh and the hotdogs, beer and popcorn sellers (and people eating them) are so like a scene from the Simpson :)

The next day we went to explore Brooklyn. It was starting to get really cold in NY. It was snowing in some parts of Brooklyn. AGHHH can't feel my legs....
For me Brooklyn felt like Surry Hills or Newtown.. I miss home...
Also went to the top of Williamsburg bridge and you can imagine the winds blowing like there's no tomorrow.
Photos coming soon