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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Dec 2006

Location: Washington D.C, USA

MapHey peeps...
Just got back from Washington D.C
Pretty cheap to travel interstate in the US. Hopped on the Chinatown bus $35 return and the journey takes about 4 hours (passing Baltimore and Philadelphia). We stayed at the Braxton hotel, the outside was a bit grotty but it's a nice hotel in the inside. Interior's very old and it's got character. For $94 a night + breakfast, couldn't complain. And it's almost at the heart of DC, we walked everywhere. We stayed 2 nights there and it's more than enough.
The main attractions are really within the Constitution Avenue where like Canberra you've got everything in a perfect line. At the end you've got the Capitol hill, the centre is the Washington monument and at the end is the Lincoln memorial (got heaps of pix you can check out)
and along the Avenue there are tons of Smithsonian museums you can check out and they're all free. We went to the Natural history museum and Air and Space museum... It'a awesome.... The Natural History one have Dinosaurs from gazilllliiioonn years ago, Abe Lincoln's top hat which he wore the night he was assasinated, the Hope diamond which was Marie Antoinette's previously and A LOT more...
So many museums so little time.. There is the American Indian museum, Hirshorn museum (I think it was a sculpture museum), Holocaust museum, Art gallery, etc..

We saw the White House as well but didn't see Bush fortunately :)

Another cool thing to do (we were lucky because it was the perfect timing) is to watch a hockey game. On our first night it was Washington Capital against Pittsburgh Penguins. James was going for Caps and I'm supporting the Pens (though none of us know who's better and have no emotional attachment whatsoever to the two teams, we thought we'd make it more interesting). We opted for the cheapest seats ($14 each) and was seated way..way at the top where you can see dots running around chasing a puck but we were happy, the atmosphere was craaazzyyy. We get to see the players up close and personal coz we're allowed to watch them warm up before the game, that's where we took all the cool pics from.
It was all you can dream of from a game. The Caps was leading 3-0 until Pens caught up and the score came to a halt at 4-4. They did overtime and finally shootout. It was amazing. Pens won the shootout and the crowds gone wild. Even though it was a home game for the Caps but there are loads of serious Pens fans coming from Pittsburgh. Was one of the best live game I've ever seen