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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Jan 2007

Location: Nicaragua

MapSo after almost a week in Roatan - Bay Island, it's time to move on. Slowly we make our way to Tegucigalpa (capital city of Honduras) for a connection to Nicaragua. We wanted to aim for Granada, a colonial town and Lago de Ometepe, largest lake in Central America.

6 hours to Tegucigalpa and we found out that our luggages are missing (worst nightmare for a traveller). Apparently the driver had dropped them on the previous bus station but luckily no one took them and the bus company owner delivered the bags to us (we have to wait for another 2 to 3 hours but never mind at least we got it back). Almost had a heart attack that night.

Anyways after the luggage incident we kinda want to get out of the country ASAP, so we took the first bus to Nicaragua the next day. It's 9 hours bus ride but the bus is awesome. It's first class and you can't even feel the 9 hours (slightly more expensive, the second class bus tickets was sold out)
Now we're in Managua and taking off today to Granada. We won't stay long in Nicaragua, just passing through to make our way to Costa Rica (another 9 hours bus ride **sigh**).
We're thinking of taking a plane from Costa Rica to Guatemala just because if we took the bus it's a 60 HOURS ride.... can you believe it ?????