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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jan 2007

Location: Granada, Guatemala

MapGranada is amazing..woohoooo worth the trip here. It´s a very colonial Spanish town (I´ll post pics once I found computers that can accept my USB port) and everything seems so peaceful and safe in here. Going to stay here for 2 nights and check out the volcanoes tomorrow. Mind you we have to walk 7 km to the top first :(.
We went to Las Isletas today which is a collection of little islands just by the lake. We took a boat tour and saw 365 little islands that was formed by volcanoes around 10,000 years ago. Pretty amazing...
We´re staying in a hostel called the Bearded Monkey and it´s an awesome place, full of characters. They have a restaurant, movie nite, free internet and a patio with hammocks around. Love this place, lots of travellers to hang out with.
Dinner time now... ordering pasta, getting sick of Burritos and/or Tacos with rice and beans (staple diet in here). Dessert is hot choc brownies with ice cream ;)