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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007

Location: Nicaragua

MapFrom Granada we took a trip to Lago de Ometepe which has 2 volcanoes and we rent a bicicleta (bikes) to go around the island. Boy was that a big mistake. It was so tiring we biked for 5 hours on a bumpy road. My bum is so sore right now.
The view was amazing though. I´m trying to upload photos from this internet cafe and it´s so hard, they won´t take my photos, oh well next time!

In San Juan Del Sur now, a beach city. We rode around in Quad bikes (which is kind of a little car/bike thing, you´ll see James on the photos) to see the beaches. Nice big surfing waves in here.
With very little money to spend coz we´re going to Costa Rica tomorrow. Best not to take any leftover currency to another country. This whole thing of changing from Peso to Dollars, Cordobas, Lempiras is making me dizzy.

Anyways stay tuned