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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

Location: Monteverde - Volcan Arenal, Costa Rica

MapJust a bit more spiel about Costa Rica. The country is a combination of rainforests, beaches and volcanoes all over. Too bad we only have around a week (less maybe) to explore it.
The rainforests are amazing although a bit rainy at times. We went on the bus from Monteverde to Volcan Arenal and the view is like scenes from LOTR and Sound of Music combined (even better if possible). If you´ve ever been to New Zealand South Island you´ll understand what it´s like.

In Volcan Arenal now and climbing the volcano today but the weather isn´t looking too good. It´s rainy and cold this morning. We´ll see if it picks up today. Volcan Arenal is the smallest volcano in the country yet the most active. The tour starts at 3 where we climb/walk around the forest for 2.5 hours and go to a spot where you can see the melting lava pouring down. We´re also going to a hot spring point where they have 7 pools with different temparatures. After no hot water for almost 1 month, I´m looking forward to this.

Ps: The cheapest thing to do when ur backpacking is to find a hostel with communal kitchen and start cooking your own meal. Eating out is so expensive and a luxury we couldn´t afford. So hopefully my cooking gets better. Although so far our imagination only stretches to Pasta, stir fry, omelettes and fried rice. Any ideas???? Contribution needed here :) anything that doesn´t need too much ingredients