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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2007

Location: Semuc Champey - Tikal, Guatemala

MapSemuc Champey is THE natural spring that everyone goes to for a swim. They´re a set of tiered pools with water bluer or greener if you like, than anything else. We came there unprepared without lunch and swim suits or anything (hence the photo of James with his undies). We met this Chinese (born Guatemalan) family and they offered to share their lunch and the mother had a swim suit and a towel and she had decided not to use it so she said I can use it. They are amazingly nice.. We enjoyed our day coz of them...
From there we went to Tikal and off to Palenque where we finally get to see some Mayan ruins.. They´re grande, magnificent and right in the middle of the jungle...check out the photos u´ll be amazed.
In Mexico now. Back to where we started. Will have 2 weeks in Mexico. James wants to see a football match. He´s buying tix this minute..