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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Feb 2007

Location: San Cristobal, Mexico

MapWe´re in San Cristobal at the moment, a colonial town filled with beautiful old buildings. A great competitor to Antigua and Granada as far as colonial towns go. We only have 2 weeks in Mexico and we´re trying to get down to the coast and see more Aztec ruins (and compare it to Mayans civilization). Mexico is definitely a lot more advance than its neighbouring countries. First class (on time) buses are plentiful and the roads are mostly paved. The downside is that Mexico is so huge that to travel to another place takes roughly about 12 hours plus. Which is what we´re going to do tonight. We´re going to Playa Puerto Escondido tonight and that journey will take about 12 to 13 hours (ouuchh I know). Hopefully we´ll make it. I´ve got motion sickess yesterday travelling from Palenque to San Cristobal (and it´s only a 5 hours bus ride) and been feeling unwell ever since. Hopefully the tummy´s a bit more cooperative tonight. Although I have to admit yesterday´s sickness was probably due to breakfast diet of 2 chicken tacos and chocolate milk. The two did not mix!!!