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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Feb 2007

Location: Acapulco, Mexico

MapSo we survived the 13 hour bus ride. Not bad actually, we slept through most of it and for other parts we watched Hollywood movies dubbed in Spanish on the little TV screen on the bus.
Arrived in Puerto Escondido, the best surfing beach in Mexico. The beach stretch for miles and miles away. We had to walk 25 minutes just to get to the best surf spot and it´s very hot during the day. No plam trees or any shades, just stretch of sand.
James rent a surf board for $10 a day. I learnt to surf on it as well (with no luck) and we met a lot of Aussies on this beach. Stayed there for three nights and off we go to another 8 hour bus ride to Acapulco.

Now Acapulco as most people know it (especially in its glorified 70s days) is full of resorts, yacths and rich tourists. The place hardly change over the past 30 years and is unlikely to change. We thought we´d have no choice but to stay in a fancy overpriced hotel with a swimming pool and spa (not that we have any objection to those kinds of Luxury) but turns out that the old Acapulco is still very much undisturbed by Tourism and mid price, affordable hotels and restaurante still exists.
We´re going to stay here for 2 nights and catch the cliff divers in action. Acapulco is famous for its cliff divers. Where a man would jump 110 feet above sea level to the rocks beneath him. Timing his dive so he doesn´t hit the rocks. We´re going to see that later this arvo. I´ll post the photos soon.

Tomorrow we´re going to Taxco, a city known for its success in silver mining. From there we´ll go straight to Mexico city (where 28 million people live, making it one of the most populated city in the world) where we´ll catch a football match (James´ idea of course) and a bullfight.