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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

MapHappy Valentine's day everyone!!!!

We went exploring Mexico City by tourbus yesterday. The whole tour of the city is 3 hours but we can hop on-off the bus at certain points.
I must admit the city is beautiful, you walk the streets and it's as if you're in Spain. The city is totally different from the rest of the country. In the rest of the country you can see poverty still everywhere, but not in the city. Grand Cathedral which was built on top of an Aztec ruins (yup they built the city on top of ruins), High rise buildings, Monument of independence (gold plated), fountains, cafes lined up on the street, museums, shopping malls and a whole lot more. The city is quite extravagant.
Nothing like what I expected of Mexico city.
We're going to see the Frida Kahlo museum today. Hope that's going to be good. Love her work and want to see more of it.
We're flying to Lima today and joining the Inca Journey tour tomorrow. Hopefully not too physically straining.