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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Location: Macchu Picchu, Peru

MapOk I have to admit so far this is the most picturesque out of all the places we have visited. It´s magical, mystical and amazingly beautiful. We got up early to see the sunset. Got to Machu Picchu before 7 but it was cloudy so can´t really see the sunset. We waited till the clouds lift up a bit. Luckily it´s not raining in the morning and few tourists. We managed to take great photos in the morning. The guide, Carlos was very resourceful, he showed us the royal tomb, significance of every Inca tool and building and even showed us the Inca toilet. By 11 am it was pouring rain and we decided to take the bus back to Agua Calientes and hang around town.

Apparently Machu Picchu is sinking at the rate of 2 Cm per year so the government have a plan to close it down soon. So if you´re thinking of going, definitely go within the next several years, who knows it may not be there anymore.