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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Feb 2007

Location: Peru

MapBy the way I have to tell you about the people we met while travelling in the Inca Journey. We´ve gotten really close to all of them and they are amazing people. Always ready to help whenever we´re in trouble and just real friendly. Really cool group. There´s Nancy and Jason the funniest Americans. Without them, there´s no party. Mel, Zoe and Katherine (OZ) really makes me homesick, Beatrice a Romanian girl with a passion for life. She´s a crazy, lively one!!!, Anka a German and I have to tell you about Ryan and Jen, THE dream couple. They got married at the age of 22 and just about the cutest couple you can ever find. They have this Gnome tradition where you bring along your garden gnome on your holidays and took photos of it everywhere in the world. Very cute. I´ve got a photo of them taking a photo of the gnome (although they´re only policy is never to take a photo WITH the gnome).
All of them have been really nice to us throughout the trip. Hopefully we´ll keep in contact as promised and one day we´ll meet again.
Salud everyone!! was a pleasure meeting you all