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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

MapHad a nice local experience tonight. My friend brought me to this ´hole in the wall´ place where everyone gather there to drink Spanish Champagne. The place is called La Champagnaria (place that sell champagne), you go there too late and they won´t let you in. There would have been an easy 80 people there tonight. The thing about this place is that everytime you buy champagne, you also have to buy food, to prevent you being too drunk, or for them to make more money. Not much luck though, people are getting drunk way too easy. In Spain wine is so cheap. U get a cheap and decent wine for 1.75 euro. The Rosat champagne we drank was 2.80 euro. It taste like Rose and honey combined.

Tomorrow´s going to be a long day, there´s just too much to see in this town. Don´t even know where to start