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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Mar 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

MapThere´s so much to see in Barcelona I don´t know where to start. When they all say the architecture is amazing, they are not kidding. I´ve seen buildings and go speechless. Old and new buildings, modern and traditional, Gaudi designs in Guell park and Segrada familia full of colours, twists and turns. One thing I notice about Gaudi designs was there are no edges. Nothing is a square, everything is circular or twisty. His imagination is like a toy story land. If you imagine the house in Hansel and Gretel story, this is the real deal. (I´ll upload pics ASAP)

The Sagrada Familia (Barcelona´s proud) is another story, they start building the church in 1882 and they have NOT finished it until now. After more than 100 years, there are still people building the inside and towers, stil scaffoldings everywhere. It´s an amazing part of history. The front of the church itself (the Nativity part) took 40 years to built. I don´t know if we´ll ever see it finished in our life time. Although I´ve heard they are planning to finish it on the year 2027.

Antoni Gaudi starts building the church in 1882 and sadly he passed away in 1926 just when the first tower was erected. He was buried underneath the church where there is a small chapel that operates daily and are open 3x daily for visitors. Since then a few other architects has continued on his work, but somehow it´s not the same without Gaudi´s touch.