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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Mar 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

MapWoohoo got to Athens safely. Just chilling out for the first day and maybe start exploring tomorrow.
Have to say I had a very awesome night the last night I was in Madrid. I went to a Real Madrid game. It was a last minute decision and I just have to see them. It was Real Madrid vs Getafe and Beckham actually played. I was so psyched about that. I get to see Becks played on the last season he's in Spain. Also apparently it was his son's birthday that day so the next morning the newspapers have photos of his birthday party and Posh watching the game.

Mind you due to the monetary issue, we got the cheapest tickets we can afford which is the second from the very top. And from there Beckham was just a speck of white running around but we didn't care. We got to see him, Reyes, Van Nistelrooy, Roberto Carlos and other world class players.
It was very exciting, their techniques are amongst some of the best I've ever seen and you wouldn't find them missing a ball and they played with so much speed and accuracy.
Have to admit they didn't play very well. It was a draw 1-1 and that was because Madrid got a penalty kick.

The best part was the crowds. Now I know how 80,400 people all sound at once. It was deafening screams and shrieks everywhere. Spanish are loud when it comes to football. Although when Getafe scored the first goal, you can hear a pin dropped. It's complete silence in the stadium.
The stadium were fully packed to our delight and we understand now how very passionate they are about their football. Getting back home in the metro was a nightmare though, took us forever.