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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Mar 2007

Location: Syros, Greece

MapFreezing on the islands. A word of advice don't go to the Greek islands when it's winter time. Ok so most people would probably know that but we were determined to see the lovely whitewashed walls, no winds or chilly temperatures are going to stop us. (so glad I did this with 2 other girls though).
First stop was Mykonos and it was pretty. I'm so glad we did this. We made a commitment to the hotel that we're going to stay for 3 nights but by day 2 we ran out of things to do. Mostly during summer people go to the beach and explore the islands but obviously beach is no option and when we tried exploring the island, the bus route is non existent.

Luckily the hotel is filled with books that was left by other travellers so we kinda stuck to our room and read for 3 days :). Only coming out to eat. Luckily the room had a fridge and a TV so we weren't that bored. Eating is another interesting story. We were so determined to safe up money that our diet consist of nutella sandwich for breakfast (and sometimes lunch), rationed ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and Souvlaki or Gyros for dinner. Always Souvlaki or Gyros for dinner (it's 2 euros each and very filling). So for the past 4 days I have been eating that and the occasional chips, biscuits and coke. I'm feeling sick already. So Pat if you're reading this, I am getting plenty of kebabs in me (starting to look like one too!).

Our next destination is Santorini but we have to stay overnight in Syros to catch a connecting ferry. Syros is a big port town so it's not as dead as Mykonos but by this time we're so looking forward to getting to Santorini. After Santorini, I'll head back to Athens and then to Olympia where they always start the Olympic fire and do its year round trip across the globe before the opening game. It held lots of histories for the Olympic game.

James by this time should already be in China and I'll be meeting him in a week and a bit