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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Mar 2007

Location: Santorini, Greece

MapWinter = Rough seas on the Greek island. From Syros to Santorini was suppose to be a 5 hr ferry ride yet it's 8 hours to get to Ios (nearest island to Santorini) and we have to stop there for 2 nights to catch the next big ferry. So the journey to get to Santorini was 3 nights 9.5 hours all together (what was suppose to be 5-6 hours or so in the summer). It was a scary ride though, the sea was really rough and at times the waves are higher than the ferry and when we bounce, it was higher than the surrounding mountains. I took one scary ride in Honduras before but this was about 5x worse than that.

But it was worth every second. santorini is one of the most beautiful places I've visited. The sheer cliffs, calderas, seas, black and red sand beaches, hot springs, donkeys, whitewashed walls of the villages and best of all the sunset in Oia. We rent a car there so we can see all of the island and it's not big, we completed it in 1 hour but amazing views from all sides. Definitely hands down the best island in Greece.

Still windy on the islands. We tried exploring one of the ancient Greek site yesterday and the wind almost blew us off the cliff. Apart from climbing the volcano in Guatemala, I really fear for my life.

Darelle and I are going back to Athens today, Leigh is moving on to Crete, time to say our g'byes today. We're taking the 3.30 pm ferry and will be arriving in Athens at around 2am in which we have to wait for the 6 am bus to Olympia (another 5 hours ride) and spend 2 nights there before I get ready to leave Greece and explore China.