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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Apr 2007

Location: Yangshuo, China

MapAfter 4 days of Yangtze river cruise (an alright cabin, stinky bathroom, great mountain views and loads of Chinese people) we managed to quickly get our way past Yichang, Wuhan, Guilin and to Yangshuo (in 2 days) town

Yangshuo, people say is the backpacker central and true enough there are more tourists here than you could possibly think of. For a reason of course. The hills are endlessly spectacular and it portrays China as what it should be (the dream image). Fishermans, little villages, clean air, mountains, rivers, rice paddies and bamboo rafts. We wanted to stay longer here but have to get to Guangzhou for the annual trade exhibition. All over the world people join in to see what's new and 'in' within the trade market. Should be fun.