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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007

Location: Macau, Hong Kong

MapArrived in HK today after Shen zhen. Shen zhen is the richest city in China and understandably because the whole city is a big shopping mall. People cross over from HK on the weekend to shop because it's cheaper here. I already bought 2 pairs of shoes and severeal shirts (sending it home by mail first chance I've got)

....goodbye China, time to move on. First thing I did crossing the border was trying to take out some HK dollars on the ATM and guess what??? they swallow my card. AGGHHHH had to cancel that but luckily I still have a backup card, but seriously annoying.

Anywho trying not to dampen my spirit, that day we crossed another border to Macau, the Asian Las Vegas. Seriously everywhere you see are casinos and hotels all around. They predicted by 2009 it will be several times bigger than Las Vegas. Very weird and every backpackers nightmare. Although the good thing about it is coz there are no hostels around (obviously only 4-5 stars hotels are around) we were 'forced' to check into a 4 star hotel in the heart of the city called 'The Metropark' hotel. Never in my life I thought of backpacking in a 4 star hotel. LOVING it heuheuhe (even got a spa, sauna, swimming pool, gym and jacuzzi)...Quite cheap though so we didn't mind, it was roughly $30pp per night (still more expensive than our usual $2.5 a night)
We're staying here for 2 nights before crossing back to HK (and already dreading the prospect of going back to hostel rooms and sharing dorms with 9 other people)

Going casino hopping tonight, James already won about $80 last night so we're trying our luck again tonight.