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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Apr 2007

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Map5 days in Tokyo will fly so fast, yet I felt like I haven't seen anything much. Yesterday we went to the Imperial palace but it was unfortunately closed for Fridays so we're going to try our luck again today. Yesterday seemed a bit of a waste of time. We did manage to find Shibuya and Shinjuku, the shopping district but nothing much to buy because there's nothing we can really afford.

At night we went to Tokyo district, apparently known to be the busiest district in Japan (and have the busiest street in the world) but since we didn't know the name of the street and with no maps, we couldn't find it. So unprepared.

Gone to bed at 1 am and have to be out of bed by 4 am as we wanted to see the famous Tsukiji fish market. It was a sight though. Amazing tons of fishes ranging from Tuna, Salmon, eels roes and a whole lot more. It's like a really fresh sushi store.
Bought a skewer of grilled eels.. nyyuummm...

Today I'm planning to absorb a lot more of Tokyo. From the fish market I decided to speed up and saw the Tokyo tower and Roppongi night club district. A cover charge can range from US$40-100. Pretty crazy. I decided to check it out during the day as it's safer and less money involved. Can't go into the clubs of course but even at 9 am there are still people staggering out of the club looking like they've had the night of their life.

Today definitely have to tackle Harajuku and Ginza shopping district and Imperial palace. I decided to do most of my sightseeing today just because I bought a day pass that lets me go around on the Metro line.

Have been trying to save money with food by eating 7 eleven food and the occasional instant noodle. As much as I love to taste everything Japanese, they are just way to expensive.