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Cherry’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 29 Apr 2007

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapLast day in Tokyo...Vietnam tomorrow.
Went to the Meiji shrine yesterday and I saw a traditional Japanese wedding procession. Was very cool and the kimonos they were wearing was very beautiful too. It looks very complicated though. Japanese women are all very pretty. They dress in style and the hair is always immaculate. I feel like a bum in here.

Went to Harajuku and Ginza yesterday. Harajuku was perhaps the equivalent of Soho and Ginza is of 5'th Ave if we want to talk NY shop terms. Did bought a pair of Uniqlo jeans in Ginza. Can't help it, was very nice and not too expensive. I was being pretty good so far in Japan and not spending money left, right and centre.

Saturdays and Sundays all the shopping district is so full that you can barely walk. Tokyo is rightfully one of the busiest cities in the world